Our Hosts’ Stories

Müesli on the Bread

Our children’s best memory is of our first Taiwanese family at the breakfast table. Lukas (at the time four years old) thought “Mom, she is certainly a queen”, because she had a crown embroidered on her jacket. The smacking and burping was also impressive, and as she spread muesli on her bread, my children’s jaws dropped. www.bnb.ch/381

Expulsion from Paradise

In addition to the many one-time guests from around the world, there are those who always return……so-called regular guests. They are comfortable because they know the BnB and the hosts, and when they return, More…

they know exactly how everything functions. It is a bit like having family abroad. We had such a guest who was faithful for many years. One day, he didn’t book in advance, but wanted to book on short notice, and “his” BnB was already promised to other guests. His response was “This is expulsion from paradise!!” www.bnb.ch/1540


Everybody Sings and Dances to Oldies

Our Jukebox from 1965: One throws a Swiss franc in, presses E5, and immediately one sees how the small record is placed on the record turntable. It starts with More…

Elvis, Peter Alexander, Beatles, “Ein Schiff wird kommen”, “Babysitterboogie”, Roy Orbinson, etc. As soon as the guests arrived, things really got going, and everyone danced and sang the Oldies. Memories were awakened after thirty long years… www.bnb.ch/1121