Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind Bed and Breakfast Switzerland?

We are the operator of the website for Bed and Breakfast in Switzerland.More…

In 1996, we started with 49 accommodations and are proud to celebrate our 20th anniversary with almost 1,000 accommodations. Since 2016, we are, in cooperation with the Swiss Tourism Federation, an official inspector for classifications for all Bed and Breakfast locations in Switzerland. In addition, we are part of the “Parahotellerie Schweiz” and a member of Switzerland Tourism.


How much does the BnB cost?

As soon as you select the date and the number of persons, the actual price will be displayed. More…

Many hosts offer an additional discount for a longer stay. If "no price" is recorded, the prices have not been recorded correctly. Please contact the hosts.


What is included in the price?

The price includes the accommodation, a daily breakfast, the visitor's tax, and any fees (e.g. cleaning).

When will I receive an answer?

The maximum response time is within 24 hours.

How do I know if my request has been submitted?

If you have received a copy of the booking request, then the hosts have received your request. (A copy of your booking request will be provided once the hosts have received your request.)

What should I do when hosts do not respond?

If hosts do not respond, no booking was received by them.More…

We recommend that you contact the hosts and enquire. If they still do not respond, please let us know ( It is important to us that the response deadlines are observed.


Where can I find the host’s telephone number?

The telephone number can be found under the main photo of the host profile. Click on the handset

How do I search for a BnB on the map?

On the front side, a BnB can be searched directly on the map.

Why can I not adjust the number of people during a booking?

The number of people can only be selected when linked to a room. More…

This way, you can distribute the people to the rooms you select, and the hosts will know what they should book for you. Not always will two people want to sleep in the same room.


What are the conditions / terms of payment?

The conditions are determined by each host and are sent to you with the booking confirmation. Should you not have been informed about the conditions, please ask the host in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

Does this BnB really exist?

All the accommodations on our booking platform are visited, classified, and controlled. (And therefore do exist.)

Can I bring my pet?

Your four-legged friend is welcome at over 300 host families. Whether in the mountains, at the lake, in the countryside, or in the city, your pet can travel with you and stay for free or for a small fee. More…

Link to the Booking Page


How do I book a long term, multi-month stay?

You can make the enquiry through the website. Do not be frightened by the high price, as the normal calculation system is not geared to price very long stays.More…

Please ask the host for the price for the desired length of stay. Many of them offer an extra discount for a longer stay.


Will I get a discount for a longer stay?

In most cases, yes. Please enquire directly with our hosts.

What is the room equipped with?

The room furnishings are stated separately for each room. You will be able to see whether a cooking facility / fridge / balcony / WiFi / etc. are available for single or shared use.More…

Check mark = for private use in the room / apartment
Arrow = for private use outside the room
Empty circle = to be shared with other guests
Full circle = to share with the hosts


Are bed linen and towels provided by the BnB?

Yes, bed linen, hand and bath towels are provided, and do not need to be brought with you. This is the case in 100% of the offers.

What is included in the breakfast?

The breakfast is divided into 5 categories. Which breakfast the hosts offer is indicated on their profile page. If you click on the breakfast, you will see what is included.

You do not want breakfast, but do not want to miss coffee in the morning?

No problem. Book the BnB without breakfast, and then ask the host what you should pay for coffee in the morning. Most of the time coffee is free, or a coffee maker is available in the room.

What check-in / check-out times apply?

You will be informed about specified check-in and check-out times when booking.

What do the stars mean?

For details click here.More…


Can I use the kitchen?

It is stated for each room whether kitchen use is included. If you wish to use the kitchen, ask the host to be on the safe side.

Is the apartment / room inspected?

All accommodations are personally inspected by trained inspectors.

What languages do the hosts speak?

The language skills of the hosts are listed on the host profile below the main photo.

What should I do when I must cancel the trip?

The conditions are set by each host, including the cost of cancellation. If you have not received the conditions with the booking confirmation, please request them.

How do I rate a BnB?

If you want to evaluate a BnB, please ask your host for its rating code. You can then enter your rating on

Who do I turn to if I am not satisfied?

Please contact us directly: or talk to your hosts. Perhaps they have not noticed that something is amiss. Please give them a chance to make amends.