Introducing the BnB Switzerland Team

Introducing Us

Our journey began more than 25 years ago, and the team has been growing steadily ever since. We're delighted to introduce the people who handle our marketing, represent us publicly, translate for us, and who take care of quality assurance.

Head office in Arlesheim

Dorette Provoost

Managing Director
+41 61 703 00 83

Having put heart and soul into BnB Switzerland for so many years, Dorette has seen many trends and countertrends in the hospitality business. If she's not staying at a B&B, she's on the road with her mobile home, enjoying the warm weather with her husband and two dogs. Her insider tip in Switzerland is the Lake Constance region, with its broad expanses of countryside as a counterpoint to Switzerland's famous mountains.

Jennifer Provoost

Deputy Managing Director / Product Management
+41 61 703 00 83

Born under the sign of Capricorn – the mountain goat – Jennifer gets her love of camping from her mother. She had initially planned to travel the world in her own campervan rather than market BnB in Switzerland, but then ‘helping out’ for a while developed into a real passion. For Jennifer, the creative drive to keep growing the BnB brand gets stronger day by day. Her insider tip is the fall in the Engadin, to drink in its russet and green forests, white-capped mountains, and turquoise lakes.

Liliane Christe

+41 61 703 00 83

Liliane is the magic fairy in our office who holds it together, no matter how crazy things get. She never loses her cool, and her easy-going attitude puts us in all in a good mood. Liliane spends her free time outdoors, with her Boxer Ivie and her family. Her insider tip is the Freiberge (Franches Montagnes) on their gently undulating plateau in Canton Jura.

For booking inquiries or information on facilities or occupancy, please contact the accommodation host directly. You will find the phone number on their page.

Out and about for BnB Switzerland

Stephan Weber


Covering mainly Eastern Switzerland, our inspector Stephan is a real globetrotter. When not out checking accommodation for BnB Switzerland, he's off discovering other corners of the planet. Criss-crossing the world, there's no time to be bored, whether diving in Egypt, on safari in Namibia, snorkeling in the Seychelles, touring Chile, or an excursion to the Antarctic. That's not to say he doesn't love coming home to Switzerland. Stephan's special recommendations are Lenzerheide in Canton Graubünden, and the picturesque valleys of the Ticino.

Silvia Reischel


Our inspector Silvia joined the BnB Switzerland team eight and a half years ago. In addition to visiting the accommodation we offer, she provides support with all sorts of problems and questions. Silvia mainly looks after the Basel, Bern, and Solothurn areas. When there are no visits scheduled, she's most likely to be out on her e-bike, exploring some of the prettiest places in Switzerland. She also loves spending time with her grandchildren. Her insider tip is Lenk im Simmental.

Raphael Fuchs


Raphael says himself that the past ten years as a classification consultant for BnB Switzerland have been a huge pleasure that has made him fall even more in love with the country’s beauty. That's why he even spends his free time exploring at home – when he isn't playing the Schwyzerörgeli accordion that is so much the sound of Switzerland. He recommends exploring the four grottoes on the Via ai Grotti near Biasca. Gaze at the glorious view if it's sunny, or enjoy the waterfall.

Jacqueline Bovier


Working away in the background

Birgit Dietrich

German and Italian Translator

Our translator Birgit was born in Germany, grew up in Milan, and in 1974 moved to Zurich to study. She was captivated by Switzerland's linguistic, scenic, and cultural diversity right from the start. Nowadays she lives in a romantic little town in Canton Aargau, where she enjoys unhurried hours with a good book and her cat on her knee, or concert-going with friends at one of Switzerland's stunning music venues. Her insider tip is the Saanenland – a magical area that attracts not only hikers and sports fans, but also music-lovers.

Jane Catterall

English Translator

Jane's love of Switzerland began in 1989, when she spent a summer on a campsite in the Valais. After a detour via the media industry, she discovered her true calling as a language professional. Born in England and now the proud possessor of a Swiss passport, Jane has been here for 22 years now and couldn't be happier. When she's not translating, you'll meet her and her beloved Westie Finn on a hiking path somewhere in Switzerland. Her insider tips are the Gemmi Pass, the 5 Lakes Walk around Zermatt, and the scenic Panoramaweg in Canton Schwyz.

Verena Witschi


24/7 security


Surveillance and Security

Chaya is our professional mail monitor, and is also on 24/7 standby to protect the office against potential intruders. She recently passed her team leader training with flying colors. With the skills she gained, she keeps the office in line, and has graduated to become chief greeter. Handing over control of the Food and Beverage department has given her more time to guard not only the house, but now the whole street as well. She recommends a good walk on the Piz Nair in Graubünden with the cool wind in your hair. Unbeatable!


Head of Food & Beverage (Eating & Drinking) Department

She's a little whirlwind, but Luna hasn't yet seen much of Switzerland. She's lively and extremely alert, enabling her to keep an eye on everything both during and after office hours. Her job is to snaffle any food dropped by careless humans and to process it appropriately ready for clean-up. She recommends walks through the forests of Basel-Landschaft with the sun tickling your nose.


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