Parahotellerie Schweiz

"Parahotellerie Schweiz" is an interest group founded on 13 January 2011 the Swiss Travel Fund Reka, Interhome, Camping TCS, Swiss Youth Hostels and BnB Switzerland.

Alongside the hotel sector, supplementary accommodation (Parahotellerie in German) is an important part of the hospitality industry. It refers primarily to those type of accommodation that do not meet the definition of a hotel.

Knowledge transfer and synergies

The objective of "Parahotellerie Schweiz" has always been to bundle forces in the accommodation sector and to represent providers' interests in tourism policy so that they are seen as a quality-conscious alternative to hotels.

By creating synergies and engaging in targeted partnerships and activities, "Parahotellerie Schweiz" has succeeded in raising the profile of this type of accommodation. It is now involved in both decisions and communications as a fully-fledged tourism partner.

Oliver Grützner TCS Camping, Roger Seifritz REKA, Janine Bunte Schweizer Jugendherbergen, Stephan Kurmann Mandatier, Dorette Provoost BnB Switzerland, Roger Müller Interhome

Introducing the five partners:

TCS Camping

TCS Camping is the largest campsite operator in Switzerland.


REKA Holiday Villages are particularly popular with families.

Swiss Youth Hostels

Swiss Youth Hostels are the perfect choice for budget-conscious travellers.


Interhome rents and manages vacation properties around the world.

Representing the interests of large and small providers alike

BnB Switzerland believes in the importance of knowledge transfer and political representation in Bern. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic there were active discussions between federal government offices and tourism stakeholders (HotellerieSuisse, GastroSuisse, and the "Parahotellerie Schweiz" interest group). In all cases solutions are sought that can be implemented optimally by both very small accommodation providers with little expertise and infrastructure, and huge companies. BnB Switzerland represents 700 providers offering between one and 35 beds and very different and individual circumstances.

In addition, since September 2022, BnB Switzerland has been in active exchange with Parahotellerie Schweiz and other tourism stakeholders to jointly find an answer to the question of how an energy crisis can be averted or minimized, or how to react in the event of an energy bottleneck. Read more about this under "Saving energy".

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