Cross-country skiing for all on the panoramic trails of the Bernese Oberland

Elena, BnB Switzerland
December 17, 2021

The 2022 winter season is almost here. If you would love to get out and enjoy the snow, but the COVID-19 situation makes you wary of packed lines for the lifts in major ski areas, why not try cross-country skiing? This season is the perfect opportunity to give the sport a go and enjoy its crowd-free trails.

Picturesque scenery

There's a wide choice of perfectly prepared cross-country trails in the Bernese Oberland. Whether short or long, easy or challenging, mostly flat or with steep inclines, they're certain to get your heart racing – if only with the views! More than 100 kilometers of trails lead through forests, alongside streams, and across plateaus set against a stunning mountain backdrop.

A number of BnB Switzerland's bed and breakfasts are set right amid this ideal cross-country skiing landscape. Some of them even connect directly to the trail network. You can look forward to a warm welcome from your host family, and to making memories on relaxed evenings in your traditional or modern B&B.

Our recommendations for dream cross-country ski breaks:

Gstaad region

A trail leads from Gstaad to Gsteig along the Saane river and into the valley. At 14 mostly flat kilometers in a sunny setting, it is a great choice for those who like to savor the outdoors. Gsteig is a beautiful village that features historically significant, richly decorated buildings from centuries past. A local bus will take you back to Gstaad.

Accommodation on the ski trail:

Lenk region

The valley trail takes you 13 kilometers along the Simme river from Zweisimmen to Lenk. The route passes by old wooden houses with painted facades, as well as a castle, and all the way you enjoy a fantastic mountain panorama. Its moderate difficulty makes this trail suitable for both classic and skating cross-country styles.

B&Bs on the ski trail:

Grindelwald region

Grindelwald has a shorter, 10 km network of cross-country trails, which are classified as 'easy' and therefore perfect for both beginners and more experienced skiers who just enjoy taking it easy. If you're not out on the trails, you can enjoy the Grindelwald scenery and perhaps go to see the gorge left by the retreating glacier.

Accommodation close to the ski trail

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