Captivating Tiny Houses

Jennifer Provoost
8. April 2024
Recent years have seen a new trend in travel and in housing culture. It is encapsulated by the tiny house. These small but meticulously thought-through homes not only captivate architects and design-lovers, but are also gaining a growing fan base among travelers. But what makes compact living so special, and why is staying in a tiny house the thing to do right now?

1. Minimalism and sustainability

In a world of excess and consumption, more and more people are turning to the minimalist lifestyle. Tiny houses are the perfect example of minimalism because they take life back to the essentials, offering everything you need in the smallest of spaces. Their reduced size means that they use fewer resources. They are often also built of sustainable materials, making them an environmentally friendly housing option.

2. Comfort and charm

Tiny houses may be small, but they radiate a unique comfort and very special charm. Frequently designed in warm color tones, combined with wood or other calming materials, they create an inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation and a sense of wellbeing. These compact spaces are often cleverly used to create multifunctional areas that satisfy their residents’ needs.

3. Unique travel experience

For travelers looking for an unforgettable experience, tiny houses offer a unique way of exploring the world. No matter where they are located – amid stunning landscapes, on a lake shore or in a remote section of forest – the possibilities are endless. They make for wonderful memories that will last for years.

4. Diversity

Another captivating element of tiny houses is their sheer diversity. While some are modern and minimalistic, there is a whole range of other styles and designs to suit every taste and need. You’ll find everything from rustic mountain huts and converted circus wagons to boats and the classic modern take.

It isn't difficult to understand how tiny houses are so fascinating. They embody a return to a simpler way of life, without sacrificing comfort or style. For visitors, they are a unique way of getting to know Switzerland and making unforgettable memories.

Tiny Houses from BnB Switzerland

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Show all 22 accommodation 

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