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Bed & Breakfast?

What a Choice!

From mountain chalets to castles, from simple accommodations to luxury residences… stay with families who like to invite people from all over the world into their house and practice hospitality at the highest levels. We are confident that you too will find YOUR ideal place to stay and will enjoy the warm-hearted and friendly atmosphere defined by this kind of lodging.

Bed & Breakfast

...is the generic term for an accommodation hosted by private individuals who cordially welcome you and offer a bed, breakfast, hospitality, and communication. Bed & breakfasts are a great way to get to know the various local specialties, and to start each day in a positive way!


...is one of the most popular kinds of bed & breakfast offerings. You live with your host family in their private house or apartment, and you gain direct insight into a typical Swiss household. As a guest, you will enjoy personal attention and friendly hospitality. Often, you may share the bathroom with the family. Our hostesses and hosts do everything, to make you feel "at home" according to the motto: "You arrive as strangers and leave as friends".

Independent Types of Accommodation

...are mostly granny flats in single-family homes or small apartment buildings equipped with a kitchen, a private bathroom, and sometimes a living room. In some cases, breakfast can be enjoyed with the host family. Alternatively, it may also be served in the apartment, or brought to your front door. Or the host will provide everything you need to prepare breakfast yourself in the kitchen.

"Table d'hôte" (the host's table)

..is a wonderful opportunity to eat with the family or to enjoy a meal prepared especially for you. "Table d'hôte" is not an official restaurant, and is only prepared upon request; therefore, it is advisable to inform your hostesses and hosts in time prior to your arrival. If the hostesses and hosts do not offer "table d'hôte", they will gladly recommend local restaurants where you can get to know the regional or traditional food.

The prices

... depend upon the number of selected persons and include breakfast, taxes, and fees. It is possible to book without breakfast with almost all hosts.


All contact information (phone/email) needed to make a reservation is provided. Bookings direct with the hosts are sometimes possible. During the high season, or for longer stays, we recommend booking well in advance. Some hosts require a deposit. Should you want to take your pet, please clarify whether pets are allowed.

Tips and Tricks

Your hostesses and hosts appreciate if you will give them your approximate arrival time and update them if you are running late. Please understand that bed & breakfast hosts cannot offer the same 24-hour service as a hotel. And also, please abide by the house rules.


If you cancel your stay, the hostesses and hosts have the right to require a cancellation fee. This amount is calculated based on the duration of your booked stay, number of persons, or of the date of your cancellation. The hostesses and hosts must disclose their respective terms and conditions at the time of booking.

Where ever you stay in Switzerland – in large towns or small villages – you will always find someone welcoming you with open arms, offering advice or exciting recommendations for an unforgettable stay.


Bed and Breakfast Switzerland

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Important note:

We are the operator of the website. For reservations and for information regarding facilities and availability, please contact the host directly.

The host’s phone number can be found on the corresponding page of the offer. Just click on the icon "phone contact". Additionally, a written request can be sent via the Contact Form.

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Dorette Provoost
Jennifer Provoost

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