Our ‘Bee & Bee’ sustainability label is finally here!

28. May 2024

The sustainability label for private accommodation

Various sustainability credentials, certifications and labels such as ibex fairstay and Swissstainable offer the guest a point of reference when assessing an accommodation provider's approach to sustainability. That said, earning these certificates often involves a great deal of time and effort, because the programs are generally aimed at larger companies.

BnB Switzerland has therefore developed the minimalist ‘Bee & Bee’ label for accommodation providers. It allows smaller operators to show at moderate cost how they contribute to sustainability.

The check covers a range of criteria in all areas, resulting in classification into one of three sustainability levels.

Why ‘Bee & Bee’?

More and more companies are making commitments to the environment, but BnB Switzerland has opted for a unique approach. Bees play an essential role in the natural world. They transport vital pollen from flower to flower. This is key to the growth of fruit and seeds. In this way they are an indispensable part not just of our biodiversity, but also of our food security.

Despite their importance, these black and yellow insects are under threat, mainly as a result of the increasing lack of plants producing nectar and pollen. That's where ‘Bee & Bee’ comes in. Instead of planting trees, BnB Switzerland is supporting the BienenSchweiz foundation, which uses donations specifically to create areas of flowering plants. That's why we opted to use the bee in our logo and the name of our sustainability label.

Want to get involved?

In our shop you can purchase a voucher for 1 m² or 10 m² of flowered area.

Combined with a jar of honey it makes a thoughtful gift for friends, club members or staff that also helps Switzerland to bloom. The voucher is available in German only.

1m² of flowered area

10m² of flowered area

So far, BnB Switzerland has donated


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