An Unusual Guest Book Entry

Hanni Wernli, BnB-Asp
September 28, 2021

Our first guest seemed to be really happy with the accommodation, and would have liked to leave us a message to say so – if only he'd had a piece of paper with him.

So I was in for a surprise when I went to clean the room the next morning, and found this note on the table:


written on a sheet of toilet paper!

It was obviously so important to the guest that he would rather write on loo roll than not at all.

Mind you, I was so pleased and touched that there was no way I could throw it away. I went right out and bought a guest book, and stuck the sheet of loo paper in it as the first entry.

Since then there have been plenty of laughs when I've told the story to guests who've asked. Without those heartfelt words there probably wouldn't have been a guest book at all, and that would have been a very great shame!

If you also want to write something in this guestbook in the morning, you will find all contact details for a booking request here: BnB Asp

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