Small Businesses not Big Corporations

BnB Switzerland
10 June 2021

Standing strong together, we need to reach out with our shared values: quality and real Swissness.

As Ueli Maurer said: "We stand with you, and we're spending our vacation in Switzerland. And we're spending our money in Switzerland, to support Swiss tourism..."

Please give a thought to small business-owners. They're the fighters who put heart and soul into their work and keep our distinctive regionality alive. This individuality is what makes Switzerland so diverse and wonderful.

Rather than looking at price alone, compare what you really get for your money. Hospitality, readiness to help, and regional character are also things of value. Permanently cutting rates to become more competitive would be the wrong way to go, and would sooner or later have a massive impact on quality standards.

All of our host families have a safety concept that is based on the latest guidelines. Disinfectants and masks can be ordered through us at any time if there are shortages in individual regions.

Anyone wishing to be particularly careful is advised to book accommodation with a separate entrance, and to opt out of a prepared breakfast at the end of the booking process. Many apartments have a coffee machine for guests' use.

Our priority is your well-being! Stay safe!

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