Fast, Easy Booking

BnB Switzerland
November 20, 2020

There are two groups of customers.

One wants to book everything quickly and easily online, while the other prefers to do things personally. We offer both!

The weather's going to be fantastic, so it's worth going away for a couple days. But is that room still free? Can you take your dog? Is there an extra bed for your daughter, and will there be lactose-free milk in the morning? To us, they're all straightforward questions to which you'll get straightforward answers.

Fast, Easy, PERSONAL Booking

Phone numbers for all of our host families are published on both the website and our practical app for when you're on the road.

Fast, Easy, ONLINE Booking

If you don't have much time, but you've already chosen your accommodation and know your travel dates, you can book without even having to call.

Important note: Since this is new, only a small number of host families currently offer the 'Immediate booking' option, but we are sure that it will catch on fast.

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