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BnB Switzerland
BnB Switzerland
November 4, 2021

Our hosts can choose for themselves what kind of breakfast they offer. Certain classification guidelines apply, ranging from 'standard' to 'generous' to a deluxe breakfast buffet. However, according to BnB Switzerland requirements, the standard of breakfast must be at least as high as the classification of the accommodation itself (1 to 5 stars).

That is why host families who offer four or five-star accommodation must also provide a deluxe breakfast, consisting largely of regional and/or home-made products. Providers of two-star accommodation are only required to offer a standard breakfast.

With a five-star deluxe breakfast, there is such a huge choice that there will be something for everyone.

You can expect to find a table groaning under various types of bread, cold cuts, dairy products such as yogurt and cheese, eggs, and sweet treats like jam and honey. If you prefer to get the day off to a healthy start, you'll find the perfect thing in muesli and fresh fruit. And breakfast would not be complete without hot coffee, tea, or chocolate, of course.

At BnB Switzerland accommodation you'll often be spoiled with products fresh from the farm, whether jams from the fruit in the orchard, eggs collected that morning, or freshly baked bread from your host's own stone oven. What could be better than a plateful of delicious home-made food and a breakfast room filled with the scent of fresh rolls?

Hosts who provide a deluxe breakfast but are not able to offer home-grown, home-made ingredients will generally shop locally and go for organic products where possible.

In Switzerland, organic products are labelled Bio, for biological. But what does that actually mean?

In line with its farm-to-table ethos, Bio Suisse checks very carefully that a producer complies with the applicable 'green' guidelines before it awards its Knospe (bud) seal of approval.

Organic production means no use of artificial fertilizers or chemical pesticides, or flavorings or colorings. Instead, the emphasis is on animal welfare and biodiversity. What's more, at least 90 percent of product ingredients must originate in Switzerland.

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